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Image Guidance System Support Services
Patients aren’t the only ones who experience pain from surgery.

We know the thoughts that keep you awake the night before surgery. It’s been a while since I used the Image Guidance System—will I remember the procedures? What if the machine won't do what I want it to do?
It’s not just you. A surprising number of well-qualified surgical personnel feel less than confident about using their IGS. Especially if they don’t use it on a daily basis.

Finally, there’s someone who feels your pain. And we have a solution.

What if there were someone standing right by your side during surgery,operating your Image Guidance System for you? Someone who works with IGS equipment all day, every day?

We are Medkamp, the first and foremost on-site IGS surgical support service. And we can take the pain out of surgery—at least for the surgical team. We specialize in all ENT applications, both Sinus and Otology procedures. Medkamp will soon be specializing in Spine and Neuro applications as well.

•   less anxiety leading up to surgery
•   more efficient use of time in the operating room
•   we focus on the technology, so you can focus on the patient
•   hospital personnel with Image Guidance expertise may come and go,
•   but a Medkamp specialist provides consistent, on-site case coverage
•   by working side-by-side with an expert, you’ll utilize your system to its fullest
•   the more you use your IGS, the better the return on your investment

We’re so confident that you’ll see the benefits of having a Medkamp specialist on your team that we are happy to work on a case-by-case basis. However, should you find that Medkamp case coverage specialists increase your likelihood of success in the surgical suite, we can work out a long-term arrangement that offers you financial advantages.

Keep in mind that any expenditures related to Medkamp’s services can be reflected in your operating costs and/or your capital budget.


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